bus man

Sitting in a Troski in Ghana to your destination is considered to be an amazing feat by our white visitors and I can personally tell you it’s no joke. Even we, indigenes think it is hell although we have been doing it all our lives; that’s why we think of getting our personal cars as a necessity and not a luxury.

I find I get much irritated every day I board a car so that I’ve decided (didn’t really have a choice) to let go. There is a wide range of activities that can upset passengers on a daily basis; from being squashed by overweight individuals who take up more than their fair share of the seat, getting your clothes dirtied by uncleaned seats to getting infected with fish stench, and worse yet, getting spit in your face. It just beats the mind how all this can happen to one in a short span of forty-five minutes but trust me this and more happens every day

However I’ve found a few that rub me off in a wrong way, so much that I would gladly take a whip to someone if it would make a change but like the novelist, Edward Bulwer-Lytton said,’ The pen is mightier than the sword’. Thus, these words Hoping to wrought about a change in the way we do things. I can come with over a hundred problems (and I ain’t kidding) to talk about but let’s deal with these for the moment

So usually the smart thing to do when sitting in a public place, whether church or school or bus especially when you are the first there, is to sit in a manner that others may have access to those same facilities without hustle. And I believe the same should apply to our troski sitting especially at the back seats where movement is quite limited. However you’ll find people sitting at the entrance of a row instead of going into the corner to allow others a hurt free sitting. So that the predecessor sits at the entrance and the procession of people are expected to either climb over him or jump over him to get to the inner seats. Really!!!! And they pointedly turn their faces outside. As if they do not know how rickety our cars are and that the slightest of mistakes can leave one with cuts that are screaming for tetanus injection and varieties of anti-scar creams.And nothing is more infuriating than when, after you are injured some perpetrators do not have the decency to say sorry but rather look at you like it’s your own fault.

Notwithstanding that seems to be a minor issue when compared with the hustle you will have to go through just to alight at your place of destination. Usually people between you and the door of the troski have to alight before you can, it’s only in rare cases such as when there’s enough room that other passengers are able to position themselves in a way you can alight without any serious damage. However there are persons who for only God knows what reason, just won’t alight even though they realize the place is jammed. In your attempt to go past them, you end up breaking all the naturals laws of personal space, you have your body coming into contact with certain parts of their body which practically makes you grind your teeth like “mmhmmm“.

Honestly how difficult is it to get down and climb back on. I had a male friend who didn’t get it until one day it happened to him and unfortunately for him it was a guy too. He described it to me as disgusting and that was the only time he admitted that I had a point. Really in this time era of homosexual   crinkum-crankum you might make someone think you are gay while you are not

The final straw is when you meet this disrespectful and ill-mannered mate or bus conductor who is rude at the slightest provocation, it’s impossible. Mates get angry and rain insults on passengers for lame reasons such as giving them huge denominations and they do not have change for them. It’s completely ridiculous. How come some mates can search for change and some will insult passengers because they don’t have change and they believe they are justified. To the extent of ousting passengers from their vehicles after they have boarded.

You have drivers not only choosing what stations they would tune their radio stations to but also refusing to lower their volume set. Really, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the stereo in the vehicle is for passengers, so how can the driver hijack it. Truth be told it is plain improper.

For instance once I boarded a car and apparently the driver was a Muslim (no offence to the Muslims) and he had tuned in to a muslim station  where basically everything being said was in Hausa. I still don’t know if the dude was trying to convert all of us, because he just turned a deaf ear to our protests. I mean for Pete’s sake we were not asking him to tune into a preaching station but to tune into a news station. The ruffian even had the decency to advise us to either block our ears with our earpieces or keep quiet and suffer and he wouldn’t even lower the volume.

Besides how do you expect to even hear commuters when they are trying to alert you  to their place of destination?

And at this point when you are thinking that’s it, that you are at your wits end,that’s when you get to witness a couple of grown up men who insist on behaving like kids. They actually fight in the bus due to mere reasons such as someone unintentionally whacking someone with a seat and what not. They flay their arms in the already crammed air and space and sometimes emit quite an offensive odour from the pits of their shirts.

Really could it get any worse? I think i will leave that answer to you…….













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