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She doesn’t hesitate to scold you for the wrong done neither does she hold back due encouragement or praise for feats achieved

She doesn’t leave her kids in the hands of strangers when accused or reported to have done wrong against someone.

She immediately jumps to the defence of her child and makes peace with the offended party

She instils discipline in her children through the word of God

Good morals are her trademark and few words her countenance.

She cuddles her child to her bosom after scolding her, showing her that she loves her unconditionally

She’s a tower of refuge to her child during the storms of life, wipes away tears in bad times and a source of inspiration at all times.

The words from her mouth are like springs of living water; like a balm they have a soothing effect. Indeed to us she’s the life link and anchor

She celebrates each milestone like it’s the first ever on earth; from the very first gurgle of nonsensical words to our graduation and marriage.

She becomes the meter to gauge the temperature of the home; her smile says a lot just like her frown and her courts remain the first to plead your cause.

Her silence is beyond golden

She represents the notion of a good wife in the minds of her sons and a worthy mother in the eyes of her daughters.

Indeed a virtuous woman she is and so she will remain in our minds and hearts. Undeniably Mothers are special gifts from God and certainly you are the best gift God ever gave us Akua Afriyie.Truth be told, wo fri yie ampa.

Your life story from birth to death is one that is worthy of retelling, in fact, all relish in your memory even though we (I) would have loved to have you here now and for many more years.

Your name lives on in our hearts and will stay ingrained in the souls of your generations. For the times I could have said I love you but didn’t and for the times I could have hugged you more and didn’t, I LOVE YOU MUM.




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