we live life struggling from one point to another

wading through miles and miles of somewhat imaginative depths of water.

there are times when the waters seem too deep although they cover a short stretch and days when it covers a long stretch but not deep enough.

and yet at other times, a gloomy day with terrible storm clouds hovering over a seemingly bottomless stretch of water

and just when you lift up your head to the sky in prayer for divine intervention, a large water ball hits your forehead.

then you know you are in trouble as it appears your calvary became crucifixion

and just when you are about to hang your head and let your rain fall, there in the distance you see large patches of dry land and everything seems to be moving at an easy enough pace.

a sunlit sky with birds chirping, butterflies flying across green fields and a coolness of air that seems to be singing of the victory stories of forerunners; as if they are cheering you on.

telling you to keep going, just a few steps more; at that moment you are consoled as you are reminded you are not the first to have taken this journey and you are not alone.

that there is a battle out there that is fought by all every day.

victories to be won at every turn and no form of concession to be made at all;where every disadvantage is to be used as a pivot for a victory and every victory a block for  greater victories.

a battle where your inaction is a choice itself; where you are not always going to win but you are going to learn and get better

life doesn’t pullover on the curb to wait till you are ready but it’s never late either. just get in the game, and give it your best shot.

get weary enough to take a second look at things but not too weary to quit. Cause your own rain of frustration or blast of noise of elation

t’is acceptable, just don’t dwell there; life’s not about “finding it” (the golden opportunity most con artists wait upon to make them great), it is making a series of “it”count.

life is beautiful indeed


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