Ever had a friend who could make you feel like you are invincible, makes you feel you are able to do everything and everything you do is right and beautiful in its own way. He provides unquenchable morale and support so that you feel above the law. Actually you do break a couple of  laws but because you are with him, nobody seems to notice and sometimes it seems arguably right (at this point I just can’t wipe the silly grin of my face). He provides you with calmness during the toughest times of your life, because somehow he makes you feel untouchable and almost infallible.

Agidi” James Bond is the name of this Psycho; a word we coined, to use in reference to anyone who is extremely brave and does the unexpected most of the time. (A word he taught me) I swear he could get anybody to commit suicide with a delightful look and a sham of a mentality that they are doing themselves good. See, I have met people and listened to people whose daily bread is gained from shamming others. I have more than once sat and had a good laugh over people getting swindled. So I pride myself with having a good eye for spotting them. Thus I can humbly say my friend is not although I’ll bet by the name anyone would think along the lines of a smooth talker.

He is adorably sincere but quite mindful of the emotions of others. He never pushes an idea or thought on anyone but would encourage and motivate; would simply profess his belief in you, till you at least understand that he has that much faith in you thus your choice not to go through with whatever, is yours alone.(hope I’m not boring you with the seemingly glorious praise of my friend already coz I’m only getting started)

Although a few close people had mentioned the idea of blogging, it was under his supervision and governing hand that I finally sat to write my first few articles. And he was and is still my first critic (which is going to make this a tad awkward as I can’t let him review a piece of himself). He would laugh hard at the funny ones, but quickly point out those that were lacking clarity or had something amiss.  And with his unending battalion of friends, he would just forward the piece to few of them whenever a second eye was needed.  Lol, I can easily figure out why he has people just a speed dial away who are always willing to fix him in somewhere for a favour.


He also widened my scope of a lot of stuff, from movies, music to a lot of strange human behaviour (lol, I’m gonna regret this). Well typically, I love happy endings and I know that has always limited my choice of movies and reading as well, to mostly fictional stuff until I met this guy. Meeehn, his use of exaggeration….hahaha I tell you, he can convince a stout Jew to eat pork. He can go on and on and actually did, till I finally gave in and watched Shawshank redemption, (which wasn’t that bad at all), pulp fiction, hateful eight( which I’m only half way through and he keeps badgering me about it;-))Django, Kill Bill (which I found pretty senseless, no offence to Quentin Tarantino and his fans as I know he’s highly looked upon by a lot of people)  just to list a few.  He really showed me what being open-minded means  and I must confess I did enjoy the movies as I caught on to his drift. He is a lover of dialogues, which explains why he’s a Quentin Tarantino fun and an old movies lover because most of these movies have one thing in common; colourful dialogues.

But most importantly, if I were asked to mention the most awesome things about my friend, I would say his humble nature and true friend character: Never too quick to judge, great listener, always first to break an awkward silence after a fight. Easy to let go and forgive… to help you get a clear picture I would liken him to a puppy, quick to forget the harm and perpetrator and go back to play with him. Needless to say he showed me what true loyalty is.  He said,” don’t ever say anything bad about a friend irrespective of what you hear them say about you. You never know what caused them to say what they said at that point in time.”  He’s one of the few people I call friends and his friendship is one of two that I’m always grateful for; My dose of vim when I needed it most and this little piece doesn’t even cut it halfway how awesome he is.


I know I’m not going stop hearing this anytime soon, so I just might as well put a disclaimer here…. I wrote this piece under duress 🙂


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