Bubbly, laughter, sunshine, hope, funky…and a lot more of good feeling

Yet yellow sunflowers always give me a sense of calmness and gentility.

Funny though, some few years back I would associate yellow with fever and loudness; the first, probably because of the name, ”yellow fever”  while the latter must have been because people around me always said stuff like, “yellow is too bright” and somehow managed to link my hard headed brother to yellow.              Apparently it was his favourite colour….. And seeing how stubborn and how he was always getting into trouble …I figured I don’t want to like yellow.

Hahaha… Nine or some years later, I find myself more than liking and admiring yellow but loving it. And truth be told…it says a lot about my hard headed brother……like his sunny and ever confident disposition which nothing seems to destroy…. His annoyingly cheerful disposition even when everything sucks and that boom of a laughter that would cause all things to a halt and have everyone wondering, “what was that?!!!!”

Just like yellow sunflowers on a green field add a lot more character to a field so does my brother.

Yellow simply says, “Don’t be scared to stand out and enjoy the attention”.

And being loud isn’t that bad at all….in the right proportion and at the right place of course. 🙂


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