via Daily Prompt: Scent

Walking on the streets of Airport residential area in the blazing African sun without spectacles and with no shade in sight for the next 5 miles would leave even the holiest and most righteous of priests with an uncomely expression on their face and mine was more so as my day had gone so wrong.

kicking everything in my way somehow managed to appease my mood a little, while i thought of the lashes i had received from my teacher early on in that day. And for what, for forgetting my homework???. Guess it would have really hurt if i had genuinely forgotten..but since i hadn’t it was a bit bearable. At least now I don’t have to get it all wrong, since it’s not my fault i didn’t understand the lesson. Simple, the teacher is just a bad teacher if he couldn’t make me understand the lesson.And with that thought and a firm pout in place i made up my mind ; I’ll just go and change my answers.

“but this teacher didn’t have to beat me”….i thought as i slowly made my way towards the entrance of the canopy of trees that led directly to my house. Shade at last!!…. and as i got to the ¬†second tree in the long row, all the while thanking God for the shade,i had a quick sniff of something marvelous.

after another quick breath in, i identified the scent as my father’s famous pot of tomato stew with beef and goat meat which he usually uses for jollof…on rare occasions. Yes!!! i guess today isn’t going to end terribly after all.

and with that thought i began hopping and humming happily, following the scent all the while to its source



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